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  Topic:  News  »  Friends

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29 Feb 2008 11:41

There was a new version has section : Friends

If you will find mistakes write to this theme!!!

lefan thanks...
  Topic:  News  »  Quiz

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05 Mar 2007 17:27

The new section the Quiz

In chat in a special room is the Quiz .Bot asks to you questions and you try to answer them. Well and who forward will answer that receives points.

Principle work of quiz:

  • Bot (QuizMaster) takes a question.

  • If nobody answers a question in 10 seconds, bot gives out the first help: quantity(amount) of the letters in the answer.

  • If nobody answers a question in 10 seconds, bot gives out the second help: the first letter.

  • If nobody answers a question in 10 seconds, bot gives out the third help: the second letter.

  • If nobody answers a question in 10 seconds, bot gives out the fourth help: the third letter.

  • If nobody answers a question in 10 seconds, bot gives out the fifth help: the fourth letter.

  • If nobody has answered a question in 20 seconds, bot informs it and the question is removed. The following question sets in 5 seconds.

  • If the person has answered, the counter of answers to questions for this user increases and to him is added X points. X pays off under the formula:

  • Without help 100 points

  • After the first help 50 points

  • After the second help 25 points

  • After the third help 15 points

  • After the fourth help 10 points

  • After the fifth help 5 points

These points of the common with points in profile have no anything.
  Topic:  Chess  »  Chess

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20 Dec 2006 00:08

In this section you can play against each other. Any special plugins are not required. The only thing that you need for the game is a new browser with included Javascript and cookies.
Game supports all rules FIDE which you will find here:

Also there is a rating of participants. Points of the rating are added as follows:

The winner receives 5 % of points of the contender, minimum 1 point.

The loser loses 5 % of his points, minimum 1 point.

Draw: the player with bigger number of points loses 2 % of his points, the player with smaller number of points receives 2 % of his opponent's points. By identical number of points or a difference less than 10 points both players receive 1 point.

In the rating participate only those games in which more than 5 moves by white figures were made and there the game lasted minimum 5 minutes.

If one of players loses the game until 5 moves or 5 minutes (Has surrendered, has escaped, has received checkmate) he loses 0, 3 points. His opponent in that case doesn't obtain anything.

Points and ranks are counted once a day.

Ranks are given as follows:

> 100000 points - Grand master

> 10000 points - Master of sports

> 1000 points - Candidate into the master

> 100 points - I Category

> 50 points - II Category

> 10 points - III Category

> 5 points - IV Category

> 0 points - No category

Time for the game:

If even one player has no category, 45 minutes for the game and 5 minutes for a move.

If both users have a rank " Candidate for the master " and higher then they receive 120 minutes for the whole game and 20 minutes per a move.

If both users have a rank " II Category " and higher, 90 minutes per a game and 15 minutes for a move.

For all others 60 minutes per the game and 10 minutes for a move.

Well and as always, if you will find an error - do not forget to inform us about it.
  Topic:  Complaints and suggestions  »  Rules of the portal

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05 Dec 2006 09:34

Rules of the portal

I. General considerations and recommendations

    1. The conference is post moderate, i.e., addition of topics occurs immediately and any "filtering" of all contents takes place afterwards.

    2. All topics reflect opinions of their authors, and administration takes no responsibility for their content. It is tidy there where people don’t litter. Remember, that with exception of some pariahs, we ourselves create our environment. Why don’t we try to be tidy?

    3. Never get attention to the pariahs. Don’t tease them –without attention, they will soon stop the discussion. Don’t pay them back in their own coin, even if you think they insulted you. The rest is moderator’s concern.

    4. Moderators and administrators follow the order at the conference. Moderators exert control over some channels; they can edit, remove posts, and delete themes only in their channels. Administrators have all rights of moderators, additionally they can also block access of individual participants to the entire conference (in other words - to ban them). Discussion of the administrators and moderators’ actions in the conference and in the chat room is prohibited. If you think moderators don’t do their work properly, please report to the administration, however please, provide argument to support your statements (see clause V). The actions of administration are not a subject to discuss.

    5. If you just have joined, don’t be deceived by the tone of some discussions. Many people here have known each other for a long time and can be more relaxed in expressions...

    6. Working languages of portal. In most parts of the portal (chat room, main forum, photo albums, disputes, etc.) English is the primary language of communication, if it is not provided otherwise by the rules of the channel of a forum or chat room. In the regional it is permitted to use the language of corresponding region in addition to English. For instance, in German regional conference, German language can be used in addition to English. In case of user clubs and guest books language is set at the discretion of the owners. Language of communication in personal messages is decided upon mutual agreement of the message sender and receiver. By presenting materials in other languages in generally accessible parts of the portal, providing translation or brief summary in English (or language of the corresponding region) is required.

    7. Regarding names (or nicknames). Your nickname is your individuality. By the way, if you visit the conference frequently enough, it will become your “visit card”, which represents you and your level. So, if you don’t want to quarrel later about the fact that it is YOUR nickname, and not to be someone in the crowd, choose original nicknames (within the framework of rules and common sense). Of course you can use your real name, this is your decision

    8. We would like to remind you that the server of this portal is located in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and it is administered in accordance with German law.. Article 86 of the Constitution of FRG as of 1949, prohibits use of all forms of flags, parts of the uniform, slogans and forms of greeting, signs, which were used in the national-socialist organizations. This article is also effective at this portal. Furthermore, according to the Criminal Code of the FRG, the fact of the denying the Holocaust is a crime, as also statements, in which the crimes of national-socialists are justified or embellished.

    10. The following actions are prohibited:

      a. Calls to disturb the current law, statement of racist nature, provoking international dissension, and any other actions prohibited by the Criminal Code of Germany.
      b. Upload of text or graphic materials, which contain pornography; visualization or description of human or animal violence scenes, bloody scenes.
      c. Any kind of spam (advertisement, pleads for financial help, etc).
      d. Use in the name (nickname), in the signature, in the name of chat room, in the name of message addresses of Web sites, rough, unquotable expressions.
      e. References to the pages with the services and the resources (forum, chat room, photo albums, acquaintance, etc.), similar to those allowed on this portal.
      f. Ttransmission of especially personal information about the users (their addresses, e-mails, numbers of telephone and s.f.) through the generally accessible means of portal. This is allowed only in the personal messages and in the channel of forum "search for".
      g. Posts of copyrighted material. Information copyrighted or owned by any other than the person posting it should not be posted on the message without the consent of the owner.

    10. If you have made
+ ...
  Topic:  News  »  Ranks

Replies: 23
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05 Dec 2006 09:14

Former user < -100
Flooder -100
Cackler -25
Missed the point -10
Passive 0
Newbie 1
Beginning to talk 10
Experienced 25
Sociable 50
Peculiar 100
Resident 250
Writer 500
Veteran 750
Long-Liver 1000
Master 2000
Expert 3500
Philosopher 5000
Wise 10000
Guru 15000
Flame Guru 20000
Inventory 50000
  Topic:  News  »  System of points

Replies: 28
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05 Dec 2006 08:44

Points here are counted with the following formula:

n = number of posts on the forum on a day
Wn = points for each post on the forum, from 0 to 3. It depends on:
• in what section the post was written
• number of words
• quality of words
• time after last post
• author of last post (if it was your post you obtain 0 points)

c = number of messages in the chat room on a day
Wc = points for 100 messages in the chat room, from 0 to 2 (only public messages will be counted), depending on:
• number of words
• quality of words

Ap = number of received personal messages
Wp = at the present moment 0,3
Ag = number of received messages in the guest book
Wg = at the present moment 0,3
Adb = number of received comments in the blog
Wdb = at the present moment 0,2
Adg = number of writtem comments in other blogs
Wdg = at the present moment 0,3

u = number of all users

M = rectifier, at present moment 2,5

Bonus = for each of the following actions you also obtain points:
• entrance into the system, includes only once a day: number of days after registration/100 points (minimum 1 point, maximum 10)
• if someone voted for you: 2 points
• voting for another user: 0,3 poins
• adding of love card: 5 points
• if someone became your friend: 2 points
• if there is new regular reader in your blog: 3 points
• for all answers in the topic created by you, you obtain 10% from points collected by other users in this topic

S (penal points) = for each of the following actions points will be subtracted:
• if someone added you to the black list
• for each deleted post on the forum:
by you -1
by moderator -10
by administrator -50
• for kick in the chat room -5
• for ban in the chat room -10

ug = number of users, to which you advised our page (referred users)
P = number of points collected by your referred users

Now the same in more easier way
You obtain points for:
• posts on the forum, depending on their quality: from 0 to 3
• messages in the chat room, for 100 messages (only public messages will be counted), depending on their quality: from 0 to 2 points
• received personal messages
• received messages in the guest book
• received comments in the blog
• written comments in other blogs

+ Bonus (it is described above)
- penal points (also described above)

You will also obtain 10% from points collected by users to which you advised our page (referred users).

You can advise our page:
-by saying it direcrly to your friends and asking them to enter your nickname by registration
-or you can place the following reference on your page

<a href=""></a>

Instead of userid you must write your id, you will find it in your profile.

Calculation of points will be once a day, at about 00:30 (German time)
Negative points will be subtracted immediately, if you collect less than -100 points the system will automatically forbid you to write on the whole portal.

User of the day/month is calculated according to the same formula.